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Frames takes on desalting challenge at MOL Duna Refinery

Frames has been awarded a contract to supply two desalters to leading Hungarian oil and gas company MOL Group for the Duna Refinery at Százhalombatta near Budapest.

The Frames desalters will enable MOL to process a broader range of crude oils more cost-effectively.

MOL Group is developing a new crude desalting system at the Duna refinery. It is part of the company group’s program of crude basket diversification, moving from the current alternative seaborne crude intake to above 33% and aiming for over 50 crude grades. Following a ‘desalter optimisation study’ focused on identifying the shortcomings of the existing desalters, and the changes required by the refinery to handle more complex and challenging blends, MOL opted to install a new Frames two-stage Desalter system to broaden its crude diet.

Frames’ proprietary Desalters are 2-phase separators that utilise an electrostatic field to remove water and salts from crude oil, allowing cost-effective transport and protecting downstream processes from unwanted corrosion and fouling. The new desalters will be installed in the Duna refinery’s crude oil distillation unit.

“By selecting the Frames’ desalter we have taken into account both the purchase of the most efficient desalter from many points of view as well as all aspects of present and future operational conditions,” said the Project Manager from the MOL Group.

“We particularly preferred the desalter’s ease of operation, its efficiency of desalting, its lower energy consumption and total the cost of ownership in selecting the desalter supplier.”

The Frames Desalters build on the company’s vast experience in coalescer engineering, enabling it to give clients a competitive advantage when cleaning crude oil.

“We are used to processing difficult crude blends to remove undesirable water and salts. This allows us to meet stringent performance guarantees while at the same time reducing energy consumption to provide optimum TCO performance,” noted Geert Willemse, Product Specialist - Separators & Treaters at Frames.