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PaleBlue delivers virtual reality for oil rig to Neptune Energy

PaleBlue has entered a contract with Neptune Energy in order to develop a novel virtual reality solution for oil platform familiarisation.

The platform in question is Neptune Energy’s Gjoa platform, located in the North Sea.

The project is set to create a familiarisation and safety training simulator in Virtual Reality, allowing to build up knowledge and awareness of the complex multi-level facility without the need to travel, which will be a great cost saver.

The specialists using the VR solution would then be able to get to know the Gjøa oil platform prior to their first trip offshore, and thus become more effective in their work tasks while on the actual job. Neptune Energy has a strong focus on optimising all aspects of the HSEQ area for their employees.

This investment in the VR-training simulator is an important contribution to this. In addition Neptune Energy is very conscious of their impact on the environment. The reduced travelling will be a considerable contribution to save greenhouse gases, and one of several areas aligned with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

The first phase of this collaboration is a Proof-of-Concept research and development. The goal of this phase has been to select and test-drive the technology and the business case for further expanding the solution into other application areas.

The Proof-of-Concept has already been developed and delivered. PaleBlue engineers created a highly-optimised software VR solution for processing a large amount of data that any industrial facility would have. This is while maintaining good performance, realistic visuals, and establishing a smooth and valuable user experience.

“This has been a project that has delivered on all milestones. We see this technology as incredibly exciting and valuable for other areas that we are looking into. This type of visualisation can be used both within HSEQ, D&W, new subsea projects and complex operational activities that must have good planning in advance. When we return to normal, we also look forward to involving subcontractors in this. It will give them a unique knowledge of Gjøa before going offshore and will save Neptune hopefully both money and increase safety in the long term,” said Arne Bekkeheien, Maintenance Method and Mechanical Manager at Neptune Energy.

The companies, PaleBlue and Neptune Energy, are exploring the possibilities in working together within bringing the benefits of 3D, real-time training simulation and Virtual/Augmented Reality technologies to the Neptune Energy’s operation domain.

Both PaleBlue and Neptune Energy issue press releases with the information about this project and the collaboration. Read the press release from Neptune Energy at their website.

“The restrictions and all the consequences of COVID19 have introduced challenges to operations for many companies. By doing the familiarisation training in a virtual real-feel world, even from home, companies avoid travelling restrictions, save time and costs, and will be 100% prepared for the crucial knowledge of the rig when they physically arrive offshore. Doing repetitions of learning programs is crucial for better knowledge retention. The immediate and easy access to the training that Neptune Energy has now, will improve the overall knowledge level for all personnel,” said Egil Thomas Andersen, Account Director at PaleBlue.